3 ways ClearVUE.Zero saves time for sustainability consultants

If you’re like most energy and sustainability consultants, you spend a lot of time compiling spreadsheets from data collected from various sources and platforms – most of which are weak in features and require extra input from you. The tedious data collecting tasks distract you from being able to properly assess the data and make informed decisions on how to drive a business towards becoming a more efficient, less pollutant organisation. Sustainability consultants want something that saves time for them so they can focus on making data-driven decisions for their clients or business.

With the right platform, you can gather and analyse data quickly, easily, and securely. That platform is ClearVUE.Zero.

ClearVUE.Zero is our advanced energy and carbon accounting technology. Powered by advanced IoT smart energy hardware, 5G computing, and scalable cloud capabilities, the platform helps businesses cut out energy waste and optimise their energy consumption, leading to reduced climate impact and improved green credentials, customer engagement, and operational efficiencies.

1. Multiple data sources in one platform

Importantly for you as a sustainability or energy consultant, ClearVUE.Zero has powerful and quick data-streaming capabilities that collates and aggregates data from each and every of your business’ sites – down to asset level – and presents that data to you in very little time. It can send millions of messages and data points in a very short amount of time, allowing you to evaluate the progress of a business’ energy consumption and conditions in real time.

This real-time data-loading capabilities provide powerful analytics with no wait and no extra manual input. This means you have instant access to energy and carbon analysis and insight. Instead of wasting time in compiling this data prior to analysing it, you are able to make quick, data-driven decisions regarding your organisation’s energy efficiency and carbon reduction objectives.

2. Ease of reporting on progress and compliance

ClearVUE.Zero offers you quick and easy access to the necessary data to create net zero and energy efficiencies strategies. It also eases the burden of annual sustainability reports, financial planning, or government legislation.

ClearVUE.Zero’s powerful reporting tools provide ways for you to evidence progress and validate decision-making on energy and carbon policies and strategies to key stakeholders and investors. ClearVUE.Zero aggregates energy consumption and carbon data (including scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions) across all your business sites. You can then generate user-friendly energy and carbon reports at the click of a button that are fully compliant with energy and carbon reporting requirements such as ESOS, SECR, TCFD, and more.

3. Measure KPIs and validate metrics

KPIs are critical to any sustainability program as they provide the framework and data needed to track progress, assess impact, and make necessary adjustments along the way. KPIs also help organisations communicate their sustainability efforts to stakeholders. But when data is lacking or lagging, it is hard for organisations to remain diligent on their sustainability commitments.

ClearVUE.Zero helps you take action with your energy data by pinpointing any anomalies and areas of concern, making it easier than ever before for you as a sustainability consultant to guide companies on their net zero commitments. You will also be able to better direct them on how to strengthen their credentials.

As sustainability consultants, you need to be able to focus on assessing the data and making informed recommendations. You don’t have time to waste inputting data from various sources into a system. ClearVUE.Zero was built to help sustainability advisors drive businesses further along their net zero journey. With ClearVUE.Zero, all of the business’ energy and carbon data is in one place so that you can quickly make decisions and get back to work changing the world.

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