Compliance & Legislation

Let your data-driven climate action speak for itself to win over consumer and investor buy-in. Our Energy Services department oversees all matters related to business carbon assessments and energy compliance, including ESOS, SECR, DEC, and TCFD. Combine this service with the out-of-the-box carbon and consumption reporting tools in ClearVUE, you will have all you need to disclose your business’ sustainability.

We shoulder your compliance and reporting responsibilities

Businesses find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the growing list and complexities of corporate climate impact disclosures. Adding to this is the growing pressure from consumers and stakeholders, who are keen to know if companies have financial security and longevity through climate-friendly practices and environmental stewardship. We are here to remove the hassle and burden found when dealing with energy and climate compliance and legislation. We sort out what is required and beneficial for you to report on when disclosing your impact on the environment (and vice-versa).

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme advisory

  • Expert-led assessments
    Our Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Lead Assessors (through the Energy Institute) take you through the complete ESOS programme and registering compliance with the relevant authorities.
  • Data analytics
    The ClearVUE tech and consultancy services streamline the data collection process, reducing this workload for you tremendously.
  • Action planning
    We develop an action plan to help you mitigate costs and measure your environmental impact.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting advisory

  • Hassle-free reporting
    If you qualify for Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) compliance, we can advise you on how to report accurately and provide a high-level description of proposed energy efficiency actions. 
  • Streamlined data collection
    Minimise your data collection work by allowing our energy experts to handle the administration for you.
  • Perfecting your energy strategy
    We identify ways for you to develop your energy strategy and management execution that lead to not only compliance but also cost savings.

Display Energy Certificates advisory

  • Improve your grade
    Optimise your building’s Display Energy Certificates (DEC) grade through the help of our accredited energy assessors. 
  • Enhance energy efficiency
    We will get your business sites’ energy running at their most efficient.
  • Custom advice
    We provide tailored advice to help you cut energy costs and carbon emissions from your building.

Bespoke TCFD consultancy

  • Planning for net zero
    TCFD reporting framework drives corporate climate risk management with science-based targets, reducing climate impact and paving roadmaps to carbon neutrality.
  • Tailored climate disclosures
    Our consultants work with you to identify and properly disclose any financial, operational, or physical risks that your company may face concerning climate-related issues.
  • Comprehensive support
    Our bespoke consultancy services elevate how you disclose your climate impact, ensuring all possible aspects of the business are adequately covered.