Energy & Environmental Consultancy

Along with our innovative ClearVUE technology, we provide flexible, on-demand energy management and consultancy services that lead businesses towards a more sustainable and efficient energy future with minimal environmental impact.

Your complete partner for a stronger, more resilient energy future

It’s often the case that businesses don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to be able to fully manage their energy portfolio. Businesses need to know where and when they are using energy and when and how they are wasting it – but they can’t manage what they can’t measure, thus impactful changes cannot be made. This is where ClearVUE comes in. We provide you a complete energy, environmental, and net zero consulting services, from energy audits, to strategy building, feasibility studies, net zero pledge development, and more.

Energy and carbon benchmarking

  • Energy and carbon manager
    Our team of energy experts with more than 30 years’ experience act as your energy and carbon manager.
  • Benchmarking and planning
    We prepare short, medium, and long-term energy and carbon reduction plans, run in-depth feasibility studies, and provide assistance with energy budgeting.
  • Achieve greater results
    By utilising the data we receive as part of our metering, monitoring, and targeting services, we can help you achieve your carbon reduction targets and maximise your energy savings.

Delivery of full energy audits

  • Audit delivery
    We provide full energy audits (such as the BS EN 16247-1) to provide you with insights that are used to help shape your energy and environmental plans.
  • Expert insights
    Our professional and certified team of assessors are ready to help you identify opportunities to reduce consumption, cost, emissions, and eliminate waste.
  • Greater ROI
    We advise on large-scale technical solutions that require capital expenditure to achieve greater return on your investments.

Renewable feasibility studies and advisory

  • Easy transition to renewables
    We can advise on all energy-related installation projects to ensure a smooth and seamless integration into your current operations.
  • Comprehensive project management
    Our services include feasibility studies, writing functional specifications, managing tender processes, and project management.
  • Upgrade assistance
    We provide project assistance for building fabrics and process-related upgrades and maintenance.