Engineering Services

Using our extensive energy and utility engineering expertise, we help organisations optimise how they use their energy to achieve cost savings and their climate goals. Through the delivery of site surveys, asset upgrades, renewable installations, feasibility studies, and more, we guide and support businesses to meet their economic and climate objectives with minimised risks as we transition to a decarbonised energy future.

Achieve climate and economic targets through a resilient energy infrastructure

Organisations worldwide are putting their focus on strengthening their resiliency against the volatility of the energy market while also transitioning to a decarbonised economy. This requires improvements and innovations in infrastructure and assets. Our teams deliver decades of industry experience to help you transform and strengthen your business’ energy portfolio and architecture.

Site surveys and upgrades

  • Site upgrades and management
    The types of projects we can assist with are vast, from simple insulation, LED lighting, heating, and ventilation (HVAC) through to complex building management systems (BMS), process, plant, and equipment optimisation.
  • Complete engineer services
    Our project and sitework management services include feasibility studies, writing functional specifications, managing tender processes, through to complete project management.
  • Maximise your ROI
    Our operations team will ensure a smooth and seamless installation. Through the employment of the ClearVUE energy management software, you can verify that all savings are achieved.

Renewable energy installation surveys

  • Comprehensive site surveys
    We assist you in your transition towards renewable energy solutions from delivering initial feasibility studies to complete installations. 
  • Discover opportunities to save
    We provide advice for renewable tech installations such as solar thermal and solar PV, biomass heating and biomass CHP, anaerobic digestion, air and ground source heat pumps, and wind energy.
  • Expert advice on renewable tech
    We will assess your site, land, or building for the most appropriate technical and financial solution, including an evaluation of all tariffs, taxes, and levies.

Non-intrusive ClearVUE EMS installation

  • No-hassle installation
    The installation process of ClearVUE. PRO for your business is simple and does not disrupt operations. 
  • Simple and quick installation
    After an initial survey, our electricians will install small Current Transformers (CTs) to existing circuit boards and connect your business to the ClearVUE cloud.
  • Ongoing data analytics support
    You then receive professional advice from our team of engineers who analyse their data to detect anomalies.