ClearVUE IoT - Energy & Power Monitoring Devices Put You In Control

ClearVUE provides advanced IoT smart-metering hardware solutions for businesses. Our next-generation meters are powered by cutting-edge computing over 5G networks with scalable IoT cloud capabilities. This enables advanced data streaming, sending millions of messages that assess the pulse of a business' energy consumption and conditions in real time.

Designed from the ground up for seamless integration between hardware and software

We have the energy management know-how to integrate hardware and software with cloud-based solutions, providing real-time data analytics. Businesses gain instant access to powerful data insights, giving the capability to take far greater control of their commercial energy assets.

We provide IoT devices for

System IoT 8 Meter

  • The non-intrusive 8-Channel Non-Invasive Smart Meter offers greater monitoring capacity and providing businesses more insight, allowing them to better control and conserve energy.

  • Easily-installed with little maintenance, this meter delivers deep analytics offering greater insight, so businesses engage proactively with energy-management measures, reducing costs and carbon.

  • Live Monitoring with Class-A accuracy of over 30 parameters, at per-second intervals, ensures businesses access highly-granular data which helps quickly identify carbon and cost-saving measures.

IoT Modular Sensors

  • Wireless, battery-enabled, and simple to install, these sensors provide quick access to energy management insights that lead to cost, consumption, and carbon reduction measures.

  • Easily combine sensors to avoid the necessity of multiple setups. Temperature, light, vibration, humidity and decibel levels give businesses far greater control and saves them precious time.

  • The seamless sensor and gateway combination provides live data directly from anywhere via the cloud, offering instant and reliable energy management analytics and actionable measures.

Mini IoT Gateway

  • Covers a vast area by connecting hundreds of sensors on a site, ensuring data is delivered without interruption. Businesses need accurate insights to optimise cost and carbon-saving decisions.

  • A simple plug-and-play system which sensors up a whole building quickly, generating data that a business can easily interpret as they target energy consumption improvements.

  • As proprietary technology, ClearVUE. PRO upgrades are applied quickly in-house, so our energy management service remains uninterrupted and responsive to commercial energy users’ needs.

Professional IoT Gateway

  • Businesses gain rich data analytics to proactively plan energy-saving strategies thanks to Professional IoT Gateway, a multi-functional device capable of connecting unlimited devices.

  • Professional IoT Gateway processes big data at sub-second levels. The speed and ease with which businesses gain access to powerful insights ensures they deliver energy-efficiency measures rapidly.

  • Ongoing and future developments will enable ‘turn on or off’ capabilities from any connected device – manually, or automatically – through a smart energy-management alert feature.