Improve your business's green credentials, no batteries required

ClearVUE. Lite is a first-of-its-kind, cloud-based, low-cost energy monitoring and targeting platform. It requires, no batteries, no hardware and zero up-front cost. It will provide immediate access to your business’s energy consumption data for the last 12 months. Easily identify energy saving opportunities for your business and improve your green credentials.

We provide Lite for

Manage your business energy consumption and costs across multiple sites

ClearVUE. Lite puts you in control of your business' energy and provides you valuable energy insights to help cut business energy waste and identify inefficiencies within minutes of easy online sign up. Keep track of all your consumption levels, view comparisons, and analyse key trends in your data.

Simplest, Low-Cost Solution To Spotting Energy Inefficiency

  • No costly energy hardware required. Transformative e-SaaS technology guarantees hassle-free online set up process, letting you view your energy data within minutes of subscription.

  • View and analyse 10 vital energy fundamentals, including kWh, kW, kVA, power factor, reactive power, weather data, cost, and more to identify areas of wasted energy and available savings.

  • After simple sign-up, instantly view 14 months+ of your half-hourly meter data allowing you to identify any waste and inefficiencies so you can take action and reduce consumption & carbon.

Access Key Performance Analytics

  • Improve your understanding of your energy performance and interrogate the efficiency of a single site (or multiple sites) to assess how they are achieving energy reduction targets.

  • The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to analyse down to half-hourly energy data alongside supplier, distribution, transmission and government charges right up to yesterday’s consumption.

  • Intuitive alert features within the software warn you of energy issues and allow you to take action quickly, saving time and money, helping ensure you achieve your environmental targets.

Simple, Intuitive and Time-Saving

  • Don’t waste time searching for data, digging through emails, or updating spreads sheets. Access all your energy consumption and cost data at your fingertips.
  • Quantify, track and evaluate energy and carbon metrics using simple reporting and interactive analysis features, providing the information you require to address energy, cost and carbon waste.
  • Provides you the essential data required to scale your energy and carbon reduction strategies for your business and achieve your Net-Zero goals.

Benchmark and Evaluate Progress

  • Allows you to track and monitor energy saving actions you’ve taken in your business to ensure projects deliver effective reductions on energy costs and carbon.
  • Benchmark performance across specific sites, meters or even circuits, allowing you to interrogate in detail areas impacting on your business’ bottom line and carbon output.
  • Visualise and compare your energy data in seconds allowing your business to identify where efficiencies can be made, or how effective the measures you have taken have been.

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