Net Zero & Sustainability Consultancy

We help businesses smoothly transform into a more sustainable and resilient operation that is on the pathway to a net zero future. Our carbon baseline, net zero advisory and strategy delivery, and energy awareness services let you visualise and enact an action plan that proactively targets energy efficiency improvements – all of which is supported by powerful data analytics through our ClearVUE solution.

Achieving net zero couldn't be easier

The UK was the world’s first major economy to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050. Reaching this target will require extensive, systematic changes across the business landscape. It’s often the case that businesses don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to fully manage their energy portfolio and make significant strides to reducing their consumption and carbon emissions. It is difficult to progress towards net zero without improvements in these areas. When you partner with ClearVUE, you get world-class energy asset and data assessment and management from our expert advisors with decades of experience. With our ClearVUE solution, you get powerful insights into your consumption, costs, and carbon data in real time and that are secure and accessible from anywhere.

Carbon footprint baselining

  • Complete carbon reporting
    We assess your current carbon footprint, from standard scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions data to complete carbon emissions assessments across supply chains and employees.
  • Sustainable strategy building
    We work out a net zero strategy that works with your current energy use and suits your business environment.
  • Carbon reporting tools
    We offer the ClearVUE energy management solution to help you collect energy and carbon data that can be easily replicated as part of on-going carbon reporting and compliance obligations.

Net zero advisory and management services

  • Cut carbon, save costs
    Our energy experts position your business to successfully reach net zero targets whilst ensuring you can succeed economically.
  • Net zero engagement
    We help you author net zero pledges and develop actionable short, medium, and long-term strategies in which you can achieve carbon reduction targets and maximise energy savings.
  • Net zero planning
    We deliver net zero auditing to help you identify areas of opportunity, improvement, and transformation.

Net zero project planning and delivery

  • Net zero execution
    Our complete solution helps you put your net zero plan into practice as you continue to drive your services forward. 
  • Continual support
    Our ongoing support helps you deliver your net zero strategies, monitor your progress, and advise you on changes and improvements as required.
  • Your own energy manager
    We offer energy manager services that undertake energy audits, prepare all types of energy and carbon reduction plans, run in-depth feasibility studies, and provide assistance with energy budgeting.

Energy awareness training and mentoring

  • Smart energy engagement
    We offer site-based training to either individuals or small groups designed to keep the message about the importance of energy management in the forefront of your people’s minds.
  • Train in-house energy experts
    We provide one-to-one mentoring of a nominated energy champion to enable them to carry out energy audits, identify wastage, and deliver ongoing energy management.
  • Energy management software training
    Training and support for our ClearVUE solution is always available and provided as part of our ongoing energy consultancy services.