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As we accelerate to Net-Zero, developments in Big Data and IoT technologies have created new possibilities for businesses to reach optimal energy performance, reduce their energy expenditure, lower their carbon footprint, while reducing their impact on the environment. Explore how ClearVUE. PRO can help your business on its journey to achieving Net-Zero.

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Unlock Your 'Big' Energy 'Data'. Discover Its Possibilities With ClearVUE. PRO

ClearVUE. PRO provides businesses real-time data and deep analytics into their energy usage. It helps them visualise and plan their consumption patterns and proactively target energy efficiency improvements by adjusting operational behaviours. This enables businesses to easily identify ways to improve energy management on the road to a Net-Zero future.

Real-Time, Responsive & Data Rich

  • Real-time data-loading provides powerful analytics without the wait. Gain access to energy analysis and insight instantly, providing you deeper insights and clear performance metrics.

  • ClearVUE. PRO processes large amounts of data from multiple circuits, viewable instantly on any web-based device, giving businesses a 360 overview of all energy asset performance.

  • ClearVUE. PRO’s advanced costing engine allows users to create customisable virtual energy bills, breaking down supplier costs to an asset level, offering highly-accurate cost projections.

Access Key Performance Analytics

  • Metering across global sites offers analysis and insight into consumption, cost and carbon savings, within seconds, presenting meaningful metrics of your energy performance.

  • Plan your strategy, reduce your costs, procure more effectively and deliver on your Net-Zero commitments, ensuring you are positioned to benefit from new sustainability legislation.

  • The easy-to-read interface offers unparalleled depth of analysis, simplifying complicated energy data across machine, circuit, and meter level, so you can target improvements.

Consolidate Energy Fundamentals

  • ClearVUE. PRO provides you an easy-to-use suite of analytical tools to help you develop, implement and manage your energy and carbon reduction strategy, through accurate data.
  • Consolidates and integrates robust energy data fundamentals that are vital to business decision-making, highlighting the actions required to improve your energy and carbon performance.
  • Offers everyone easy access to the necessary data to perform emissions calculations and eases the burden of annual sustainability reports, financial planning, or government legislation.

Visualise Your Strategy ROI

  • Pin-point areas of concern that need immediate attention; ensure you prevent energy waste; meet new Net-Zero legislative requirements and strengthen your sustainability credentials.
  • Track sustainability initiatives and link them to energy savings where applicable – helping to make the case for the ROI of your sustainability programmes.
  • Analysis features compare all your energy fundamentals over different sites and periods, so you can visualise efficiency gains and cost reductions on the platform, or in-depth comparison reporting.

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